If you’d like to contribute to the directory, here are a few guidelines to embrace and a form to submit.


As much as you can, please try to create art in the following spirit:

  • Using the block editor with core blocks (the blocks that come with WordPress), with very limited custom CSS (ideally none at all).
  • Using the latest version of WordPress.
  • Pushing the boundaries of what feels possible with WordPress.
  • Only use GPL photos or illustrations. The WordPress photo directory is a great source for photos.

In order to submit, the following is needed:

  • A high resolution screenshot of what you created (this is what will be featured).
  • The HTML Markup of the block(s). This gets stripped out in the email form so please provide a link where it can be downloaded or viewed.
  • A social media account or website that you want linked to for your submission. 
  • A title of your art piece.

It’s often easiest to create a post on your site with the above information and then link to that post as your submission.


A small group of volunteers will make up the review crew for this initiative: Anne McCarthy, Tammie Lister, Rachel Winchester, Rich Tabor, and Ana Segota.

Submission Form