From Pixels to Reality: Celebrating WordCamp EU & WordCamp US Exhibits

While our museum primarily embraces a virtual-first approach, we’re thrilled to share an exciting update with you. At both WordCamp EU and WordCamp US this year, a selection of diverse art pieces was thoughtfully curated, meticulously printed, and beautifully framed. Each event put its unique twist on showcasing these artworks, resulting in wonderful outcomes.

WordCamp EU stands out as the first flagship WordPress event to feature art from the Museum of Block Art. The event organizers not only printed these artworks for attendees to admire but also put the art directly into the hands of event-goers. Every person received a set of postcards, each featuring a single piece of art. This ingenious approach allowed attendees to trade their postcards with one another during the event and even send them to others afterward. It’s truly remarkable to witness how the organizers made art accessible to both attendees and anyone fortunate enough to receive one of these postcards. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the diligent efforts and boundless creativity that brought this art to life. Here are the links to the featured art and artists:

WordCamp US chose an alternative but equally captivating approach by establishing an exclusive art gallery. This gallery featured a delightful fusion of art pieces from the Museum of Block Art, seamlessly intertwined with captivating photos sourced from the WordPress Photo Directory. This perfect pairing offered attendees the opportunity to leisurely explore and savor the art in a dedicated space designed for appreciation.

The transformation of the Museum of Block Art from a virtual pop-up into a real-life pop-up gallery was nothing short of remarkable. It’s a testament to the organizer’s hard work and relentless creativity, down to each piece of art having it’s own QR code. As part of this unique experience, the art and photos were projected throughout the WordCamp venue, enticing attendees to explore the gallery and immerse themselves in the creative world on display.

Here are the links to the art and artists that were featured in various ways:

While we don’t know what’s in store for the future, if you want the chance to have your art featured for all to explore at a future WordCamp, submit yours today. If you’re running a future WordCamp and want art to adorn your walls, get in touch using the same form.

Big thank you to everyone who made this possible!

This was edited with help from ChatGPT.